Daniel Monguilhott

    Working in this projection mapping with SuperUber crew was more valuable than years of college, learned a lot and made fabulous friendships.

    Filmed by Gustavo Marcollini and Daniel Monguilhott, edited by Daniel Monguilhott, produced by Marcollini Filmes.

    MMS invited us to create a campaign files from the storyboard to the final track.

    Lelê is the only Brazilian representative selected in the 2nd Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards and wins the bronze prize.

    Work done at the end of last year with images of athletes.

    In partnership with TORO Productions DMONG was called to make 3D projection mapping. It was the first time that Heineken invested with a brazilian team of propaganda.

   The audio-visual creation is a specialty that follows the evolution of art. With the mixture of Radio, TV, Film, Games, Web interactive videos can fill the appetite of the viewer as never experienced. Explore new technologies and new relations between the message and the receiver, regardless of age or gender, is the great advantage of a new generation in animation.

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